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12 Ways to Lower Your Internet Bill in 2021


One of the main priorities of Bad Credit Loans ASAP is the financial education of our consumers. We would like to help people to make smart decisions regarding money management.

And we are talking not only about responsible borrowing or choosing proper loan services. In addition to information about online loans with no credit check, we want to touch on more aspects of your daily life. In this article, we give you some easy tips on how to make your internet bill lower.

Nowadays, it’s impossible to live without the internet. The current statistics demonstrate it: as of February 2020, 4.5 billion internet users are spanning the globe. But although the internet has become an irreplaceable part of our life, sometimes it could be a significant monthly expense.

According to a Consumer Reports telecommunications survey, most people are totally dissatisfied with such high costs and provider service. They even don’t understand why the internet is so expensive and what they’re paying for. But many of them, who are quite pleased with their providers, still continue paying such costly bills as they don’t know how to lower internet bills.

Even if you can’t make your internet service great, you are certainly able to know some ways on how to get cheap internet.

1. Negotiate with Your Provider

The first and the most effective way on how to save on internet costs is negotiating.

Remember that you always have a high value as a customer. However, sometimes it’s not enough for having a favorable outcome. In most cases, it’s essential to know how to negotiate an internet bill in the right way.

First of all, you need to assess the situation. It would help if you had a clear picture of your account status, which means that you need to be sure that your monthly bills are always paid on time, and your contract is close to the end. Why is it important? When breaking in the middle of a contract, it’s always necessary to pay an additional fee. But in case if the cancelation fee doesn’t affect your personal budget and it’s better to pay it instead of making further significant payments, then go for it.

Make a note of your payment history, including exact dates, annual payments, and assess the value you get using this service. It would be best if you were prepared to answer any rep’s questions and provide all the necessary specifics concerning your account, such as taken promotions, occurred price hikes, incorrect fees, uncompensated loss of service, etc.

Also, you can ask your friends or family what they think about the provider (if they have the same one), and how much they’re paying for service. In case if you pay more than them – it’s one more important detail you’re welcome to mention during the call with your rep.

Remember that it’s possible to negotiate with representatives when you have such enough chips on your table, as mentioned above.

2. Research Your Options

In case if your representative isn’t going to lower the price of your service, you are welcome to choose another provider available in your location. There are a lot of providers that are available for a select place, and each of them offers its plans, deals, and promotions.

Unfortunately, about 40 million Americans have access to one service provider only. But thanks to a new provider comparison tool created by BroadbandNow, you have an opportunity to find out the specifics about providers that are available in your place of residence.

Before choosing an internet provider, make a call to every provider in your location and take notes of what they offer. Let them know that you’re considering switching to their service – it will encourage them to provide you the most precise information and the best deal to get you on board. To avoid any doubts about changing your current provider to another one, read some real customer reviews, and find out how much does internet cost for real.

3. Buy Your Own Equipment

In case if you’re planning to stay with your internet provider for years, buying your internet modem or router is more cost-effective than renting the company’s one. Imagine that paying $10-15 per month for renting the equipment, in two years, the total cost will vary from $240 to $360.

Therefore, buying your modem or router could help you to save money. But make sure to do three important things before buying it – confirm with your operator that it does work for your provider, find out if it’s certified for the speed you want to get, and ask the provider if they offer support or troubleshooting for your personal hardware.

4. Reduce Your Speed

A growing number of internet providers now offer innovative plans promising download speeds of 100Mbps or faster. It’s a great option in case if you do need such speed, and it may not be worth spending extra money for. Most Americans pay such internet costs per month as $100 or more while they don’t even need it.

The best way on how to reduce internet bills by $40 or more is to drop to a more appropriate speed, depending on your online activity and the number of devices connected to the internet. For example, such basic activities as email, web browsing, music, and SD video streaming for 1-3 devices require only 10.5 Mbps. And the most “consuming” ones are related to online gaming for 4-7 devices that need about 70 Mbps.

5. Downgrade to a Cheaper Plan

If you don’t use your internet connection for streaming video, gaming, and other “demanding” activities, and the one thing you’re doing online is checking the email, social media, etc., then it’s better to choose a cheap prepaid data plan.

For instance, you could get one gigabyte of data per month and only pay $20 for the prepaid plan. This type of packages is perfect for simple online activities, such as checking email, social media, etc.

6. Combine Your Services

It’s always more beneficial to choose bundled packages, such as cable TV along with internet packages, or cellphone and internet service. It’s a lot cheaper than buying the two services separately and could help you save more than $1000 over two years.

7. Consider Subsidized Programs

There are some nonprofit organizations such as EveryoneOn that help low-income people and households to obtain affordable home internet service. You could qualify for a broadband subsidy if your income is below or at 135% of federal poverty guidelines or you take part in one of the government programs, such as Medicaid, Social Security Income, etc.

In case if you qualify for one of the relevant company’s offers, you are welcome to get service for an affordable amount of $10 per month. And it’s great because we do not recommend covering your monthly bills using an instant payday loan. In this case, you can rely only on the smart planning of your expenses.

To find out what requirements they have and know more details about these programs, you could visit the Federal Communications Commission website where all the necessary information is mentioned.

8. Set Up Automatic Payment

It’s one of the available methods on how to save money on the internet, as most people don’t even know that some companies offer special discounts for customers who prefer setting up auto-pay. But before switching to automatic payment, make sure that your internet provider does offer a monthly percentage off the bill if you choose recurring payments.

9. Rely on Reminders

When it comes to six-month or one-year promotions, special reminders shouldn’t be underestimated. After the offer expiration, such packages often go back up to the initial price. And sometimes you forget about the offer terms and don’t even realize when the internet bill is going up.

So, it’s better to create appropriate reminders for checking the internet bill every six or twelve months to avoid such confusion.

10. Opt for Wi-Fi Everywhere

There is a useful option on your smartphone that allows you to download content only over a Wi-Fi connection and massively trim your data plan usage. The first thing you need to do is to change the setting on your phone and choose Wi-Fi data as a priority when it’s available.

11. Move Other Services to Your Internet Connection

There are a lot of special streaming services that can totally replace cable services. For example, Netflix and Sling are able to match most of the content that used to be gotten over your cable box.

12. Cut Your Phone Landline

Drop it if you haven’t done it already. It’s better to sign up for an internet package through Skype and cut the landline at once. No worries. You’ll not lose your home phone – it will be connected via the internet instead of being connected through a telephone wire.


Choosing the best internet provider indeed takes time. But if you want to get more value on your internet for less money, then you get serious about it. Especially in view that the internet is an indispensable part of our life. It allows staying connected with our friends from all over the world, to find a job from the comfort of our home, or to get some fast money by applying for a quick cash loan in case of urgency.

Take your time, compare all available providers, and choose a plan that best meets your needs. And remember that, considering all the tips that are mentioned above, the final cost could always be changed in your favor.