5 High-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

College is expensive, and it seems like it’s getting more expensive every day. It’s very unlikely that the cost of college will ever go down, and that puts college out of reach for a large percentage of Americans.

For a lot of careers, not having a degree is a huge stumbling block and will make it so you can only go so far before you’re required to get a degree or be passed over for a promotion. But not every field has that limitation.

Here is a list of five high-paying careers that don’t require a college degree.

#1. Chef

Do you have a passion for cooking and creative flair? Becoming a Chef can give you the opportunity to express your creative side and make some serious money without needing a college degree. While you can go to culinary school, many successful chefs are self-taught or started as a regular cook under a chef.

While this career path does require long hours and often weekends and holiday work, the potential growth is limitless. An Executive Chef in America makes about $41 thousand to $81 thousand dollars a year on average, but you could also have the opportunity to open your own restaurant, which could make even more. Cooking is a hard job with long hours and hot working conditions, but if you enjoy it, you can work your way up without needing a degree.

#2. IT Technician

Many jobs in IT require a degree, but for a lot of companies, they care more that you know what you’re doing than a degree. If you fix computers as a hobby, many companies will be willing to hire you if you can demonstrate your skills. Some may even pay to send you to training to expand your skills, giving you a boost without costing you a cent.

The IT field is very fast-paced and competitive and often requires odd hours. You can be on call overnight or while on vacation, but if you can handle the pace and hours, this can be a very lucrative job, with the possibility to make $35 thousand to $66 thousand dollars a year on average.

#3. Real Estate Broker

Working in real estate is another good job that doesn’t require a degree and has a high earning potential, but it does require some money upfront. While you don’t need a degree to get started, you do need a real estate license. The rules and costs to gain this license differ from state to state, but it will probably cost around $2,500 to get started. If you have a strong wish to work as a real estate broker, but don’t have the necessary amount put aside, consider taking out an unsecured personal loan as a starting point of your career development.

Such a high start-up cost shouldn’t be intimidating, if you can manage it, this career will allow you to set your own hours and earn a commission off every house you sell. On average, real estate brokers can make between $33 thousand to $133 thousand dollars a year, but you could end up making more depending on your schedule and the price of houses you sell.

#4. Power Plant Operator

Some of the jobs on this list require you to get started yourself and almost run your own business. That kind of freedom is great, but you may be looking for a steady job with set hours and guaranteed pay at the same time every week. A power plant operator is a perfect job for someone looking for a stable, well-paying job without a college degree.

As a power plant operator, you would be responsible for running and maintaining various equipment to keep the plant running. This could mean long hours and some manual labor, but if a regular schedule is what you’re looking for, this job can earn you around $75 thousand dollars a year.

#5. Trades

From electricians, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, or HVAC specialists, the trades are a wide field that provides great options for many people. Trade jobs don’t require college degrees, but you do have the option to go to trade school for your chosen profession, which is often a much less expensive option than a four-year college. Some places may even have an apprenticeship available that will allow you to learn the trade on the job, for no cost, as you would be an employee, that makes you eligible for an instant payday loan online.

Whichever trade job calls to you, it will be hard labor, and can often include weekend or late night work. The benefits of trade work are massive. Most trades are part of a union, ensuring that you are always properly compensated for any work you do outside of regular hours and that you have benefits. Choosing your own trade also means you’ll be able to do what you like best, whether that’s working on technical electrical work, or using your hands to create something beautiful.

The pay for these jobs varies based on which you choose, but they all consistently average over twenty dollars an hour, making them better than many jobs that require college degrees.

Who Cares about College? Let’s make some money!

It may seem like not being able to afford college is the worst thing that could happen, and will bar you from having a happy life, but it may be the best thing that could happen. While college students are struggling under tens of thousands of dollars in highest paying jobs in the world 2021

, those who didn’t go to college are making more money and buying their own homes.

Many people with degrees can’t find work in their field and end up struggling financially for years. By skipping college and going into one of these, or other, high-earning fields, you’re setting yourself up for a life of success without the burden of college debt.

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